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If what we’ve described sounds like it might be the kind of
work you want to do, please get in touch with us by calling

07 3719 2111 or FILL IN THE FORM BELOW.

We are currently recruiting:

1 Tonne Ute – Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

2 Tonne Van – Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

2 Tonne Tailgate

4 Tonne Tailgate

4 Tonne Furniture Pantech

6 Tonne Furniture Pantech

6 Tonne Tailgate – Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

6 Tonne Flat top

8 Tonne Tailgate – Sunshine Coast

8 Tonne Tautliner

12 Tonne Tautliner

Prime Mover with Tautliner Trailer

Prime Mover with Flat top Trailer

Removal Van

2 Tonne Refrigerated Truck

4 Tonne Refrigerated Truck

6 Tonne Tailgate Refrigerated Truck

8 Tonne Tailgate Refrigerated Truck

12 Tonne Tailgate Refrigerated Truck

Refrigerated Semi Trailer & B Double Trucks

We’ll get back to you inside 24 hours.

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