All Purpose Transport is one of Queensland’s largest privately owned and
operated transport and logistics companies.
We have a range of transport divisions that cover every kind of transport need:
Couriers | Refrigeration | Taxi Trucks | Removals | Warehousing | Heavy Transport

We work for some of Australia’s largest manufacturers and retailers.

They choose us as their preferred logistics partner because we have the right mix of efficiency and customer service focus. We regularly outperform our industry rivals, but not necessarily because we’re bigger.

It’s because we have a culture of support, mateship and attention to detail that others don’t. It shows in the quality of our work and our attitude towards customer service.

When you work with All Purpose Transport, you’re not a number.
You’re a valued family member.

We work hard, we win together and we recognise your contribution.

Contact us today. We’re looking forward to meeting you.



Who are we looking for?

We are looking for our next generation of owner-drivers. We prefer owner drivers because we find that an owner-driver takes more pride in his or her work, gets the jobs done efficiently and contributes more to the team.

We have openings in every one of our divisions for business owners who meet the following attributes:

1. You have to be a solid, reliable worker who is able to follow directions consistently and exercise a bit of initiative at times.

2. If you want to drive a heavy vehicle, you’ll need a truck licence. If you’re interested in becoming a courier, you only need a car licence.

That’s it. We’ll help you with everything else:

  • We’ll provide you with all the health and safety training you need, including Load Restraint, Chain of Responsibility and Manual Handling

  • You can obtain nationally recognised qualifications if you’re interested (Certificate III in Driving Operations) as a stepping stone to greater things

  • We’ll provide you with an income forecast to help you buy a vehicle if you don’t already have one

  • We’ll manage the clients and collect the money

You concentrate on delivering great customer service and we’ll take care of everything else.

the pay like?

It’s an incentive-based system whereby the more work you do, the more earning potential you have.

We’ll take care of all the invoicing and chasing of money. You get paid weekly based on the jobs you’ve completed.

As an owner driver, you’ll need to budget for your business expenses out of your revenue – it’s not all pure profit.

You’ll have the opportunity to work on weekends as well if you like, but it’s not compulsory.

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What will be
expected of you?

WE RELY ON YOU to be pleasant and keep our standards high. You’re the face and voice of our company to clients, so your attitude and presentation counts for just as much as your driving ability.

We expect honesty at all times. People who don’t live up to our ethical standards do not last long at All Purpose Transport. That also means you can never be under the influence of alcohol or drugs when you work for us.

WE WANT OWNER-DRIVERS AND REMOVALISTS that pride themselves on helping our clients get on with their business by overcoming obstacles when they pop up. When you go out of your way to get the job done, everyone wins.

What we won’t
ask you to do

We won’t ask you to work more than 12 hours on consecutive days, even at our busiest time of year which is during the lead-up to Christmas.

WE WON’T ASK YOU to work weekends. You can if you want to earn some extra money, but it’s not required.

WE WON’T ASK YOU to take risks as one of our company values is to ensure the safety of our staff and owner-drivers by making sure everyone gets home safely every day!

You don’t need to produce invoices – we’ll take care of the administration for you and pay you weekly, on the same day each week.


Interested, but not quite sure?
Come along for a ride

When we say that All Purpose is like a family, we mean it. If you are curious about becoming an owner-driver but you don’t quite know if it’s going to be for you, then one of our team will let you come on a ride-along for a day so that you can get a feel for what it’s like.

You’ll be donating your time on that day, but there’s no better way to find out if it’s the kind of work you’d like to do.

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What does a day
in the life of an
look like?

Meet Luke. He’s a long-time taxi-truck driver with All Purpose.

Every day at 4pm Luke receives a list of the pre-booked jobs for the next business day. He drives to the first job from his home so he can make the most of his time on the job – there’s no need to come in to the depot first.

He keeps in frequent communication with his office as we all know that the best communicators can have the best income. Some days he even knocks off early to pick up his kids.

If he finishes a job early and calls in his availability, he can often pick up an extra job in the day which provides additional income.

Luke has a balanced lifestyle. He chooses to work on some weekends and on others he watches his kids play sport or goes fishing.

If that sounds like the kind of lifestyle you want, make an enquiry with us now.

Take the first step!

If what we’ve described sounds like it might be the kind of
work you want to do, please get in touch with us by calling

07 3719 2111 or FILL IN THE FORM BELOW.

We are currently recruiting:

1 Tonne Ute – Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

2 Tonne Van – Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

2 Tonne Tailgate

4 Tonne Tailgate

4 Tonne Furniture Pantech

6 Tonne Furniture Pantech

6 Tonne Tailgate – Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

6 Tonne Flat top

8 Tonne Tailgate – Sunshine Coast

8 Tonne Tautliner

12 Tonne Tautliner

Prime Mover with Tautliner Trailer

Prime Mover with Flat top Trailer

Removal Van

2 Tonne Refrigerated Truck

4 Tonne Refrigerated Truck

6 Tonne Tailgate Refrigerated Truck

8 Tonne Tailgate Refrigerated Truck

12 Tonne Tailgate Refrigerated Truck

Refrigerated Semi Trailer & B Double Trucks

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