An Owner-Driver look like?

What does a day
in the life of an
look like?

Meet Luke. He’s a long-time taxi-truck driver with All Purpose.

Every day at 4pm Luke receives a list of the pre-booked jobs for the next business day. He drives to the first job from his home so he can make the most of his time on the job – there’s no need to come in to the depot first.

He keeps in frequent communication with his office as we all know that the best communicators can have the best income. Some days he even knocks off early to pick up his kids.

If he finishes a job early and calls in his availability, he can often pick up an extra job in the day which provides additional income.

Luke has a balanced lifestyle. He chooses to work on some weekends and on others he watches his kids play sport or goes fishing.

If that sounds like the kind of lifestyle you want, make an enquiry with us now.

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